Garage DIY Organization

Garage diy organization

The way you organize your garage can make a big impact on the amount of space you have available to use, not to mention how quickly and easily you can find the tools you need.

Here are some tips to help you keep your garage more organized and less cluttered!

Use Peg Boards

A peg board means you can stick tools like forks, saws and more, anywhere to hand on the wall! Just skewer them by driving a peg through the handle, and you can create any layout you like!

Use PVC Piping

Cut out a small section of PVC piping and this can be used as a storage solution for smaller items. Now just nail them to the wall and you can drop in spades, saws, and anything else so long as one end doesn’t pass through.

Label Boxes

If you have lots of boxes containing your items, you should always label them and make sure those labels face outward. That way you can quickly find what you need and slide the box out from the garage organizer.

Sliding Doors

When designing your garage, opt for sliding doors. This creates far more useable space as compared with garage doors that swing open and require you to keep that space clear!

Hang Bikes

Bikes tend to take up a lot of space in our garages. Solve this issue once and for all by hanging them: you can even hang them from the ceiling!

Speaking of hanging things from the ceiling, you can even store boxes on the ceiling!

Get a Garage Organizer

Going back to garage organizers for a moment… get one! This is a big item of furniture specifically designed to keep your garage looking neat and to help you find the items you need.

Use Crates

Got spare crates? Attach them to the wall and you’ve created a little floating cupboard you can use to stand things in!