Why Choose Epoxy for Your Garage Floors

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A garage can be a fantastic space to turn into a gym, a workshop, a storage space, or anything else. In order to make full use of this space though, you need the right flooring! And in many cases, that “right flooring” will be epoxy.

Epoxy floors are floors that use epoxy coating in order to keep them in top condition and this provides a very green and very efficient flooring solution. Here we will look at what epoxy floors have to offer and what makes them such a great choice – and particularly for the garage where epoxy floors can make a large difference to the aesthetics and to the practicalities of that area.

Epoxy floors are made from a coating that is a liquid polymer that is solidified when applied across concrete floors due to a chemical reaction. This then immediately allows you to change the appearance and characteristics of that concrete very quickly and cheaply.

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The first great benefit of using these epoxy floors is undoubtedly the versatility they provide. Using these kinds of floors you are able to choose any texture and any color and you can also vary the durability all to meet the specific requirements you have for your home. While things like durability vary however any epoxy floors will be highly durable and able to withstand high pressure and are not highly susceptible to wear and tear making them immediately suited to the garage environment where it’s not uncommon for them to get covered in oil and water and where they will be under a lot of pressure from the cars.

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Because the texture can be varied on the floor too it is possible for the user to lend their floors a range of specific traits and this can be used to increase grip on the floor rather than having it feel slippery. As well as being suited to use in the garage this allows it to be used in offices and other home interiors.

Any damage that does occur will only be to the paint and it will be a simple matter to apply a little more epoxy to cover it up.