House Exterior Paint Colors

House exterior colors

When you get your home painted it can be hard work choosing the color you want to go for. Whatever your eventual decision, a fresh coat of paint will make your property look newer, look cleaner and look more inviting from outside. However, choosing the color is still important to ensure you make the right impression and to make sure your property looks new and attractive rather than new and garish. Getting the color wrong can create more work for you, undermine the impact of your architecture, and even upset the neighbors.

Of course, this decision will come down partly to your subjective opinion and at the end of the day it’s your prerogative. However, at the same time it’s also a matter of avoiding common pitfalls and of being aware just what the consequences of this choice may be. To that end, here we will look at some of the most important considerations you need to take into account when choosing what color to go with.

The Neighborhood

This is one factor right away that many people forget when choosing the color for their home. Not only do you want your property to look good in its own right, but you also want it to look good when in context. This means you want to make sure your coloring isn’t too different from the other houses on the road, and that it doesn’t clash with the neighbors. That’s only considerate to them as well…

The Material

Most people will have concrete walls, but in some cases you may have wooden slats on the exterior and in this case your choice of coloring may be different.


You should also think about the style of your home and look you’re going for. White is great if you wanted a ‘villa’ look, while brown is better if you wanted to make your home feel more like a cosy cabin.