Metal Building Colors

There’s a remarkable difference between an unpainted metal building and one that’s treated and painted. Painted steel takes on an entirely different look, that’s both eye-catching and cost-effective. Here are a few color combinations that suit any metal structure.

Rustic Red Oxide

If you want a rustic look, then treat your metal building with red oxide for protection against corrosion and the elements. This bare look is fantastic for barns and saves you a bundle of paint.

Canary Yellow and White

Contrasting canary yellow walls and a roof with white trim is a fantastic way to create visual that catches attention.

Gray and White

Gray and white might sound dreary, but it’s a great color combination for a barn or a commercial building.

Baby Blue and White

Get creative with your colors and choose this baby blue and white combination that looks outstanding.

Green and Yellow

Green and yellow is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to blend a building into a natural background. It’s a top color combination for farm buildings and residential metal structures.

Forest Green and Red

This color combination is a fantastic choice for farms and rural buildings. The forest green accentuates the red, giving a rustic and classic look to any metal building.