Metal Building Exterior Ideas

Metal buildings have the best resistance to fire and extreme weather events. Covering your building with a metal exoskeleton ensures that your structure lasts a lifetime. There are various designs of metal sheeting suitable for use on building exteriors, and you can customize the sheeting to fit any building design.

Corrugated Metal Siding

Corrugated metal siding is both cost-effective and rugged. A popular choice for commercial buildings due to the price and a 26-gauge siding will protect your building for centuries. With easy installation, and suitable for painting in any color, it’s a far more attractive option than using brick-and-mortar materials.

Faux Stone, Rock and Brick Siding

Blend the cold look of steel with other materials like faux wood and brick to create a dramatic visual effect. This construction technique is the ideal choice for office parks and homes.

GenStone for Metal Buildings

GenStone is a combination of steel materials cast from authentic rock, brick, and stone, to provide a genuine visual look of the original material, at a fraction of the cost. Suitable for homes and office parks where aesthetics are essential, use GenStone to reduce your building costs while keeping the visual characteristics of your building unique and compelling.