Metal Buildings With Living Quarters

Metal buildings with living quarters give you an affordable option over traditional brick-and-mortar construction. Here are a few ideas that are both cost-effective and practical.

Metal Container Homes

Metal container homes are all the rage with millennials looking for cost-effective housing. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building a house, when you can get a prefabricated container home for 20% of the price?

Metal Outhouses

If you’re building an outhouse on your property, then metal offers you an affordable and durable building material.

Insulated Metal Buildings

Heat build-up and heat-loss are the two main drawbacks of using metal sheeting in the construction of your building. However, adding a layer of insulation between panels takes care of this problem and allows for effective heat management inside the building, making it suitable for living quarters.

Metal Barns with Living Quarters

A metal barn is the best alternative to traditional wooden construction. Not only is metal fire and weather resistant, but it’s an inhospitable living environment for pests like termites. Add living quarters upstairs, and insulate the roof for temperature management.

Metal Barracks

Law enforcement and other government agencies can benefit from portable pop-up barracks and holding cells made from steel construction. Disassemble and assemble the barracks at any site in a few hours.