How to Choose Metal Roofing Colors

Metal roofing color ideas

When you think of external paint for your home, you will likely focus primarily on the walls. After all, this is what most people will see! What’s also very important though, is the color you choose for your metal roofing.

Firstly, this is because the color of your roof will act like an accent to either improve or upset the color you choose for the walls. You need a color that will nicely complement the walls and the rest of your property, rather than clashing or looking overly heavy: like choosing the best shirt to go with your pants!

At the same time, the color of your roofing can actually impact on the performance of the feature.

Here are some ideas:


A white roof creates the feeling of a villa somewhere sunny, or a holiday home. This is something many people like about the option, but it also happens to be very eco-friendly. That’s because the white color will reflect sun back away from the roof, and thereby reduce the amount of sun that gets absorbed into the atmosphere!


Black roofs on the other hand have the precise opposite effect. This can be a useful feature if you live in a very cold area, as it means that more light and therefore heat will be retained by your roof and your property. This can also be eco-friendly, if it means you don’t need to run your heating for as long, or as hard!


A dark red roof can mimic the appearance of brick or tile. For those looking for a more classic looking home, this can be a great choice.


Finally, you could go with the normal reflective metal color of your roof. This tells people about your metal roof and gives a modern and bare-boons aesthetic that looks great.