Metal Building Exterior Ideas

Metal buildings have the best resistance to fire and extreme weather events. Covering your building with a metal exoskeleton ensures that your structure lasts a lifetime. There are various designs… Read more »

Metal Building Colors

There’s a remarkable difference between an unpainted metal building and one that’s treated and painted. Painted steel takes on an entirely different look, that’s both eye-catching and cost-effective. Here are… Read more »

Metal Barn Buildings

Gone are the days of building barns out of wood. This traditional material is a fire hazard, and you run the risk of wood rot and pests destroying your barn…. Read more »

Metal Building Types

Metal offers you one of the most robust construction materials, and it’s suitable for a variety of buildings. Here are our top choices for using steel in your next building… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Metal Buildings

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What Do Metal Buildings Cost?

First-time buyers of metal buildings might be wondering how much it costs to construct a facility using metal instead of traditional brick-and-mortar materials. While steel construction is typically far cheaper… Read more »

Custom Metal Buildings

Metal is not only the most durable building material available, but it also allows for customization as well. Steel constructions last a lifetime and have excellent resistance to UV damage… Read more »

Commercial Metal Buildings

Metal is the most durable material for use in commercial building construction. Steel resists the elements, and a well-built commercial building made from steel will last for centuries. Here are… Read more »