Small Metal Buildings

Small Metal Buildings

Metal is a versatile building material. The chances are you’ve already seen metal used in large commercial building projects like office parks and warehouses. However, can you use metal in the construction of small buildings as well? Here are a few ideas for small metal buildings.

Metal Carports

Building a metal carport in your driveway helps to protect your cars from weather damage during hailstorms. It also protects your vehicle from the sun’s harsh UV rays, which can prematurely fade your paintwork.

Metal Outhouses

Building an outhouse for guests or employees on your farm can bring you an additional income or dwelling space for guests.

Metal Garages

A brick-and-mortar garage can cost you thousands of dollars to build. A metal garage offers you the same level of protection for your vehicle and tools as a traditional garage, at a fraction of the price.

Metal Tool Sheds

Grey small metal building shed.

If you need a shed for your garden tools and lawnmower, consider building it out of sheet metal panels. Treated metal sheds don’t rot like wooden counterparts, and they last a lifetime.

Metal Pop-Up Stores

If you’re a retailer looking to capitalize on the festive shopping season, then building a metal pop-up store is a great way to expand your retail footprint and bring in more business.